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Karlsten Bed Bug Killer 5 Litre Ultra Strong Pro Bed Bug Killer

  • PROFESSIONAL BED BUG KILLER -Karlsten Ultra Strong kills Bed Bugs .. Protect yourself and eliminate bed bug infestations with this pest control solution
  • DIRECT USE ON MATTRESSES BUT NOT SHEETS OR PILLOW CASES – you can use the bed bug killer directly on most surfaces, including your bed but not bed sheets or pillow cases. Whether it is for use at home or school, we guarantee the spray will eliminate pests breeding in your futon, cushion, or mattress. , or bed room itsself
  • IDEAL FOR RESISTANT PESTS – worried about stubborn bed bugs that won’t die? Say no more! Karlsten pro killer is proven to kill even the toughest of bugs that are resistant to most common cypermethrin sprays on the market. Unlike traditional pesticides, ours pro formula will eradicate the bugs and their eggs.
  • LONG-LASTING RESULTS – this ultra-strong pesticide remains effective eight weeks after the initial spray. Using it on your mattress means you do not have to use it for another six weeks. The long-lasting residue ensures you do not have to spray your beddings or affected area regularly.
  • HSE REGISTERED BRAND – we are a proudly registered and approved brand. Our bed bug killer spray is safe for use at your home or university dorm as it follows standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Bed Bug Killer Ultra Strong

We all know how irritating and embarrassing a bed bug-infested home is. Our dedicated team put together its powerfull killer to provide you with a high-performing bed bug killer spray that will leave no pests or eggs. This odourless pesticide is a fast way to get rid of those horrible biting pests that leave your skin red, itchy, and swollen.

Kills Even the Most Stubborn Bed Bugs!

Have you ever spent hours spraying your home or dormitory only for the eggs to mature and give you a worsened pest problem? Our pro brand takes care of this problem. This pest control spray kills bed bugs and their eggs, provided you follow the directions. Now, you don’t have to keep using pesticides every week to avoid infestation.

Ultra-Strong and Long-Lasting Residue

Did you know that you can forget using your bed bug killer spray for nearly two months after initial use? Fortunately, Karlsten pest control spray has a long-lasting residue that will kill all pests and control them for 6-8 weeks after use. It dries well and leaves no odor or stains. By also eliminating the eggs, bug infestation will soon be a minor issue in your house.

Not Suitable for Direct Use on bed sheets or pillow cases.

Use our pro killer spray on any surface, including carpets bed bases skirting boards , and unleash a peaceful and bug-free home or school. Most traditional pesticides cannot be used in alot of places but our strong solution is enough to eradicate bed bugs. Karlsten is HSE registered and approved for use in environments inhabited by humans.