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Karlsten Concentrated Organic Super Feed 1.5L

  • HEALTHY INDOOR & OUTDOOR PLANT FOOD – Are you looking for a way to encourage healthy growth of your plants and fruit and their development. At Karlsten, we offer you a biodegradable fertilizer that contains bio stimulants which encourage the quick absorption of nutrients from the soil for healthy plant growth and development.
  • HIGH CONCENTRATION – When using our eco-friendly fertilizer, we make it possible for you to use it easily and have it serve you for long. Its high concentration only requires 30ml to fill up a 4.5litres watering can. Apply once a week for outdoor plants and twice weekly for greenhouse plants.
  • BIODEGRADABLE – For healthy plant growth, it is important to take good care of the ecosystem which the plant grows in. For this reason, we ensure that our natural fertilizer for organic farming is eco-friendly and thus safe for use around children, pets and even bees. You can reuse and recycle it as well.
  • SUPPORTS ORGANIC FARMING – For farmers looking to grow their plants organically, our organic fertilizer bio stimulant comes in handy in ensuring that you give your plant the necessary conditions to grow without using any additional synthetic products.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE – Make use of this Karlsten house plant fertilizer to encourage healthy growth of plants that you grow in and outside your house. It is also suitable for all types of plants as well.

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