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Karlsten Dog Deterrent Spray Anti Fouling Training Spray

  • Karlsten Anti fouling dog repellent spray stops dogs fouling and digging on your lawn or garden
  • Tired of your grass verges been fouled by dogs ? We have our brand new Anti fouling solution to keep the dog mess and smell away !
  • At karlsten we specialise in fouling issues, we have specifically designed our spray to keep dogs away in a safe way and keep your grass verges and gardens clean and free of dog mess
  • Do not spray directly at dogs. This product is for use on all outdoor surfaces
  • OUR ETHICAL FAMILY COMMITMENT: Proudly made in the UK using socially responsible practices, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.

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Karlsten dog Repellent Spray – Stop dogs from Fouling or being Around Your Home

Are pets wreaking havoc in your garden? Need to keep those restricted areas protected from your digging or fouling pets?

Well, we got the right solution for you.

The lasting solution

dogs are repelled by pungent odour and surface treatments such as sprays and ammonium sulphate will act to mask the pheromone scent left by animal waste. ammonium scents are particularly effective, encapsulating liquid formulation will allow you to apply the treatment to the affected area training the cat to seek new areas for fouling.

Our weatherproof spray can be applied over a large area spraying the ammonium and forming a barrier in your garden or the desired area in which you are wanting to protect from fouling and damage. Using the karlsten sulphate dog spray will hold a form for a period slowly releasing the ammonium; this is an ideal application for pebbled, lawns, or gravelled areas.

Weatherproof spray

Our spray is a simple and effective way to deter cats and dogs from digging, scratching, and fouling in or around plant areas, drives, patios, paths, and dustbin areas. This spray can be used all year round, considering that the spray has a weatherproof barrier and lasts longer.

For indoor & Outdoor use

Use in yards, landscapes, and gardens to repel dogs. Kindly note this is for outdoor residential use only. Remove any fouling, fill in any holes, and rake our scratchings from the soil or gravel surface. Spray lightly over the area you want protected.

More reasons why Karlsten dog Repellent spray is your best choice

  • Fast Action
  • Harmless to your pet
  • Weatherproof spray
  • Guaranteed results

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