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Karlsten Hyper Power Wasp Nest & Hornet Killer spray – Gold Standard 600ml High Strength Long Range Spray for Indoor and Outdoor Wasp Nest Removal – Wasp Killer Spray

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Blast Away Those wasps nests & Hornets : Don’t let wasps and hornets ruin your outdoor fun! Karlsten’s Wasp Nest Killer is your one-stop solution for eliminating these stinging insects quickly and effectively. This powerful formula boasts a long-range spray of up to 20 feet, allowing you to tackle nests from a safe distance.
Instant Extermination: The high-strength spray formula acts on contact, instantly eliminating wasps, hornets, and their entire nests. No more waiting around for the spray to take effect – this product delivers fast and decisive results.
Maximum Convenience, Maximum Results: Designed with ease of use in mind, Karlsten’s Wasp Nest Killer comes in a aerosol can. Aiming at wasp nest entrance spray product for 3-4 seconds per nest (per 30cm diameter nest size) from a distance up to 5m away or 1-2 second bursts directly at wasps and nest entrance for full control.
Trusted Protection: Backed by Karlsten’s reputation for excellence in pest control, this product is a trusted choice for homeowners everywhere. Keep your family and property safe from the dangers of wasps and hornets with Karlsten’s powerful solution.
Our Story: Pests, both indoors and outdoors, can disrupt your peace of mind. Karlsten is your partner in creating a haven from unwanted visitors. We develop a comprehensive range of high-quality, rigorously tested control solutions. Whether it’s repelling critters in your garden or eliminating insects in your home, our targeted and broad-spectrum formulas empower you to take control.