Karlsten Multi Insect Killer 300 ml Kills All Insects including Spiders Moths, Fleas ,Ants

Advanced multi insect Killer aerosol 300 ml

Advanced karlsten insect Killer targets and kills fast. This can be used effectively indoors & outdoors killing spiders, silverfish, fleas, ants, moths, Cockroaches and many more

kills flea larvae & eggs

2018 strong formula permethrin 0.25% & tetremethrin 0.24% targets the issues fast & effective killing all common insects

Safe & Effective

UK health and Safety registered professional pest Control company& products provides the highest quality service & products.

Safe for use inside your home

Customer service

We will answear any questions available 24/7 from our customer service team to guide you using this product

Do not spray directly on animals.

Safety Warning

flammable,Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects Very toxic to aquatic life Contains


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