Karlsten Fruit & Vegetable Protection From Bugs and Mildew

  • KARLSTRN BUG & MILDEW CONTROL- Bug Control is an all natural, , pesticide free spray that is most effective for fast acting control against a wide range of pests including, Aphids, Whitefly, Greenfly, Blackfly, Red Spidermites can be used directly on fruit and veg.
  • FRUIT & VEG -EDIBLE PLANTS: Our solution is a 1 litre RTU ready to use formula for use on ornamental and edible crops, including flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetables. karlsten formula also provides nourishment to encourage healthy plant growth and promote fresh fruit, vegetables and vibrant flowers. No harvest interval is required, meaning the produce can be consumed within hours after application-child & Pet safe.
  • SAVE NOT WASTE- No more loosing fruit & veg to insects eating away or spreading diseases karlstens organic Bug & Mildew will save you time and money and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.
  • OUR ETHICAL FAMILY COMMITMENT: Proudly made in the UK using socially responsible practices, locally sourced and sustainable natural organic ingredients, animal cruelty-free production and eco-friendly . If you don’t love our Not Here! Spray, please let us know. We are a small family-owned business committed to making great products that are safe for you, children your pets and the planet!


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