Karlsten Organ Ex Red Spider Mite Killer Natural Red Spider Mite Treatment


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  • Karlsten Due to the physical mode of action red mite cannot become resistant to the contact formulation. Contact Red Mite Control Spray controls all stages of red mites’ life cycle Including eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults on contact. Remove all eggs, feed, eating, drinking utensils and birds.
  • Spray directly and generously at red mite (Do not spray directly on birds, animals, plants or persons) in and around poultry housing, Spray directly onto all surfaces where red mite are located including the nesting box, underside of the roof, taking particular care to spray in hard-to-reach areas cracks and crevices. Due to the mode of action red mites coated with Contact Red Mite Control Spray are scientifically proven to die within the hour. Re-introduce poultry once treatment is complete.
  • Using eco friendly practices natural ingredients non harmful and non toxic to our planet
  • For heavy infestations (Any eggs, nymphs, adults not coated by product) apply initially, repeat 3 days later and then use weekly as part of your regular cleaning routine.
  • New Be kind to the planet Organic Red mite killer using natural ingredients proven to replace insecticides for the future of our planet
  • Karlsten promise ! If you believe the product does not work we can accept a return no questions asked. We are confident if you spray regularly you will not have spider issues anymore or prevent the issue from ever starting in the first place