Karlsten Pigeon Bird Repellent Effective Treatment to Keep Pigeons away

  • Tired of pigeons fouling your fences or causing havov in your garden, Karlsten Ultimate Ammonium Sulphate pigeon repellent spray High strength formulation to stop pigeons entering your garden and property keeping lawn seeds safe and allowing the birds you like to feed from your bird feeders.
  • Effective Ultimate strength formulation keeps pigeons from leaving a mess in the garden or destroying any flowers or plants.
  • The approach for people terrorised by pigeons in the garden causing havoc , spray surrounding areas in which you have seen the pigeons in most cases on your fence.
  •  Are Natural products not doing the trick ? we have invented the strongest pigeon deterrent on the market to protect your gardens.
  •  OUR ETHICAL FAMILY COMMITMENT: Proudly made in the UK using socially responsible practices, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.


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Karlsten Anti- Damage & Fouling Pigeon Spray – Keeping Pigeons Off Your Gardens and Surroundings

Witnessing the invasion pigeon poo around your home? Disgusted by the pigeons fouling on your fences and patio, destroying flowers or vegetation?

This effective Ammonium sulphate formulation keeps pigeons from leaving a mess in the garden or destroying any flowers or plants. The best way to keep pigeons off your surroundings..

Wild pigeons are part of our lives. Well, we can’t avoid them, so the best to avoid such altercation is by trying to keep them off from our gardens and our close surroundings. pigeons are attracted to human homes as they like scavenging lawn seeds and bird feeders. They might end up fouling your yards or destroying your lawns. We got the best solution to keep them off your patio and your home.

Karlsten pigeon deterrent spray manufactured from Ammonium sulphate formulation will help stop pigeons from entering your garden and property.

High strength pigeon Repellent

pigeons will hate the scent of this advanced sulphate spray and therefore they will avoid your gardens and property. Spray surrounding areas in which you have seen the pigeons. Considering that pigeons are a nuisance and like leaving marks on fences and patios, this will be an excellent anti-pigeon spray to help them leaving those horrid white marks in form of fouling.

Simple Solution to Keep Off pigeons

They hate the Ammonium sulphate scent therefore your home with this smell is never welcoming for them. One step solution to protect surrounding areas by the strong scent . The smell is nice for humans but for the pigeons, it is disgusting so they will try to avoid it as much as they can and stay away from your gardens and vegetation.

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