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Karlsten Fox cage Humane Way To Catch Foxes Instant Trap And Protect Gardens From Damage. Easy to SET- CATCH _RELEASE

KARLSTEN – Humane Fox Trap Galvanised Steel Cage Simple To Bait & set Humane capture and release
PROTECTION – Fox Garden Protection from damage capturing the foxes fast and efficiently in a humane way causing zero harm
CATCH & RELEASE – As used by professional trappers, simply put food bait on the treadle plate and wait for the Fox to enter, the entrance is then quickly sprung closed when the bait is taken, keeping the animal safely inside. Great at protecting livestock.
FOX INFO – Karlsten offers various fox products to help protect from digging, fouling or causing ay harm to lawns and gardens
NEW & HUMANE- live capture cage traps Robust Galvanised Steel Easy to set Simply bait or decoy depending on trap

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