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Karlsten Fox Repellent High Strength Natural Citronella Deterrent Anti Fouling & Garden Protetion 1.2 Metre Extension Hose Included Stop Damage Caused By Foxes 5 Litre

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Title: Fox Repellent Citronella Spray – Effective Solution to Keep Foxes Away from Your Garden and Property

Product Description:

Are you tired of foxes digging up your garden or causing a nuisance on your property? Our Fox Repellent Citronella Spray is the solution you’ve been looking for. Made with natural citronella oil, our spray is a safe and effective way to keep foxes away from your property without harming them.

Our Fox Repellent Citronella Spray works by emitting a strong scent that is unpleasant to foxes, deterring them from entering your garden or property. The natural citronella oil also has a pleasant scent for humans, making it a great alternative to other harsh chemical-based fox repellents.

Our spray is easy to use and can be applied directly to the areas where foxes are causing a problem. Simply spray the affected areas with our Fox Repellent Citronella Spray and reapply as needed. The spray can also be used on and around trash cans, bird feeders, and other areas where foxes may be attracted to.

Our Fox Repellent Citronella Spray is environmentally friendly and safe for pets and children, making it a great choice for households with families or pets. It is also long-lasting and will continue to repel foxes for several days after application.

Don’t let foxes cause damage to your garden or property any longer. Try our Fox Repellent Citronella Spray today and enjoy a fox-free outdoor living space.

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  • Karlsten Fox repellent High Strength Citronella Fox deterrent anti fouling & Digging protection 5 Litre
  • Fox repellent spray New Ultra Effective Super strength anti fox 5 litre solution keeps foxes from leaving a mess in the garden or destroying any flowers or plants and lawns
  • Natural & effective All natural citronella 5 litre container with aadded spray hose makes it easy so apply and create barriers around your property
  • All new 1.2 Metre extension hose included making it easy to apply to those large areas .Simply attach the hose spray and forget
  • Karlsten Proudly made in the UK using socially responsible practices, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients