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Karlsten Black Mould Remover Elimintaes Mould Spores Ultra Effective Mould Eradication 5 Litre with 1.2 metre extension spray

Clean black Mould Infested Surfaces in Just Seconds

Are you witnessing the presence of black mould in your home or office and garage?

Devastated by the destruction of surfaces and items by the dangerous black moulds

Well, Karlsten has the solution.

No more Mould Stains or bad Odour

When it comes to removing mould stains and odours, Karlsten Mould Remover Pro offers you proven excellence. From a powerful, formul Karlsten can help you keep your home cleaner, free from mould stains and odour. From your home needs to office, Karlsten mould cleaner will work to exceed your expectation. Karlsten mould removers are the revolutionary mould stain remover that removes mould stains without intensive abrasive power washing.

Works Almost Anywhere

Karlsten mould cleaner offers versatile mould remover, and cleaner offers a home solution for all surfaces. Use on hard non-porous surfaces like tile, drywall, wood, or concrete, and less typical areas like carpet, upholstery, and more. Ideal for use on outdoor furniture, outdoor fabrics, and vinyl.

Easy Application Instructions

Just spray or wipe the product directly onto the surface to be treated and allow to work until the stain disappears, then rinse thoroughly with fresh water. One application will remove most mould stains, if not all.

Ethically Manufactured

Manufactured in a responsible facility under the outlined quality demands in the UK. This Karlsten product is defined and guided by our ethics in dependable production, including responsible practices, locally sourced, and sustainable ingredients.

What differentiates Karlsten Mould Stain Remover from competitors

Removes both stains and odour After rinsing the surfaces, it safe Works instantly; no need to wait Comes a 5 Litre package Click Add to Cart to Get Karlsten Mould Remover

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  • Karlsten Black Mould remover spray 5 litre can be used to clean mould from all surfaces including leather
  • Fast & Effective mould destroyer makes life easier using a pro mould cleaner can be used on leather chairs , fabric , wood , tiles
  • Extension Hose included Easy to use Extension Hose to get to those unreachable places witout effort
  • Simple to use: spray on, scrub lightly, then rinse off stains Safe for use on fiberglass, painted surfaces, rubber, plastic and vinyl headliners, bolsters and upholstery
  • OUR ETHICAL FAMILY COMMITMENT: Proudly made in the UK using socially responsible practices, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients