Karlsten Mole Repellent Spray Effective Anti Digging Deterrent

  • Karlsten Anti Digging Mole repellent Spray, Ammonium formulation to stop moles destroying your lawn
  • Spray the surrounding areas in which you have seen the moles, over a period of 3 weeks
  • One step soluton to protect surrounding areas by the strong scent of ammonium sulphate
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. If you believe the product does not work we can accept a return no questions asked. We are confident if you spray regular regularly you will not have small animal issues anymore or prevent the issue from ever starting in the first place


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Are you witnessing the destruction of plants and digging on your lawn or garden?

Looking for the most responsive Moles repellent which is not harmful or poisonous?

Well, Karlsten Moles spray is the real deal!!

Defend Your Garden and Home from the digging Moles

Karlsten Mole spray is designed to repel moles and prevent them from destroying your lawn and garden. Spray around homes, gardens, garbage cans, barns, swimming pools, sheds, woodpiles, decks, patios, and campsites to prevent moles from wreaking havoc.

Keep Moles Off

Stay a step ahead of mole with Karlsten Mole Off repellent. The lasting granules penetrate their tunnels, creating an unpleasant environment, which drives them away before they have a chance to do further damage around your yard. For your convenience, it comes in a resealable bottle for easy storage.

All Natural

Not only is Karlsten Mole Repellent effective and easy to use, but you can also feel confident in the knowledge of experience and testing at karlsten.

Repels moles from lawns, gardens, and planted areas not only at the moment but it lasts for some time. Repels moles with their taste, smell, and feel. Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, not harmful to birds, pets.

Most convenient Repellent

The most effective and easy-to-use digging moles repellent in the industry today. This formula dismisses the concern of having dead animals scattered inside walls or in attics, as moles will avoid the treated area. When an animal detects the scent, its natural survival instinct compels it to leave and avoid that area.

Keep Your Garden, Lawn Safe from Moles. Click Add to Cart for Karlsten Mole Off Spray!!