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karlsten Patio Black Speck & Spot Cleaner High Strength Patio 5 Litre RTU Solution

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Karlsten Patio Black Spot Remover is currently the only product developed specifically to safely remove those hideous black spots and restore the natural colour to garden stonework. Patio Black Spot Remover for Natural Stone will remove black lichen from all types of natural stone, including green algae and white fungi.

Using Patio Black Spot Remover will help maintain the life of your garden stonework including your pointing. When you rely on pressure to clean your stonework, you’re damaging the surface of the stone whilst helping to dislodge the pointing. Patio Black Spot Remover gently restores the natural colours and lifts dirt and grime effortlessly making pressure washing effortless.

To maintain your garden stonework and stop the return of the black spots, buy and apply our Patio Black Spot Preventer annually. This will remove any black spot spores before they have the chance to germinate and turn into spots. It will also remove green algae without the need to power wash! The Preventer does not need to be applied until 12 months after the Removal process.

Patio Black Spot Remover is biodegradable and acid-free allowing you to wash the product into the flower beds and over the lawn without causing any harm.

The coverage rate is based on a patio that is 3 years old. The older the stone, the more treatments will be required. Carry out a trial slab first to determine the coverage on your stonework.


*This product contains Sodium Hypochlorate which is reportable under the Poisons Act -‘Explosive precursors regulations: application to plant protection products, biocides and other chemicals’  – www.gov.uk/government/publications/supplying-explosives-precursors/supplying-explosives-precursors-and-poison

*If you have reason to suspect suspicious activity with your customers purchasing more than a reasonable quantity, or if stock has gone missing or stolen, you must report through the channels stated in the UK GOV leaflet ‘Selling Chemicals Responsibly’ – www.protectuk.police.uk/sites/default/files/2022-11/SellingChemicalsResponsibly%20Leaflet%20PRINT%20SINGLES%20CROPS.pdf